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Cash for Cars on the Spot, Running or Not

We are trading cold, hard cash for cars in any condition, right here in San Diego, CA. Whether you’ve been in a wreck, or are simply ready to move on from your unwanted car, we offer cash on the spot for cars running or not. The lighting fast sales process will leave you flush with cash within hours of giving us a call.

  • No paperwork necessary. 
  • No in-person evaluation required. 
  • Free, same-day junk car removal available. 
  • Cash handed to you on the spot.

Just one quick phone call and you’ll receive a guaranteed quote before we even see your vehicle. Don’t let your junk car rent space in your yard, or your head any longer. Sell your car for cash today.

Junk Your Car For Cash!

Top Cash for Junk Cars in San Diego, CA

Are you ready to trade your car for cash?

Junk Cars and Free Junk Car Removal

Unclutter your yard and trade your junk car for fast cash with the friendliest, free junk car removal service in all of California.

If you need to junk a car that has been wrecked or stopped running, then you may have let the car sit in your driveway for quite some time, all while thinking that it is not worth it to spend the money to have it towed away.

However, Sell Cars For Cash San Diego loves junk cars, and we will pay you cash for yours. Our junk car removal services in San Diego, CA. are completely complimentary. We will come and drive, tow, or haul the junk car away free of charge.

We offer same-day cash payment and car removal services to our customers, so just call today for a cash quote, and get rid of your junk car in just one day.

We buy cars in any condition:

  • Running   Not-Running   Used   Wecked   Crashed   Junk   Clunker

Cash for Your Car

Quick and guaranteed payment? There is no use taking a risk with your car and potentially not getting the cash that you deserve for your junk car. Our company guarantees cash and free junk car removal no matter what shape your junk car is in.

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